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PHOENIX - Richard Sherman didnt draw the biggest crowd Tuesday at media day, despite doing his best to spice up Super Bowl week with a running feud with New England owner Robert Kraft.Thats the way the lunacy of media day works. Marshawn Lynch has yet to voice a quality thought in public, yet he was somehow in more demand than a player who will debate almost anything in the world with whoever happens to ask.No matter. Sherman had enough to say for everyone, including a thought about the media responsibilities of his less than loquacious teammate in a league that demands its players be accountable but is often not accountable itself.I dont think they should be obligated any more than the commissioner is obligated to speak to the media, he said. I think that if players are going to be obligated to speak to the media then every one of the NFL personnel should be obligated to speak to the media weekly, and thats not the case.Makes sense, actually, though thats hardly surprising. While the public perception of the Seattle cornerback as a dreadlocked trash talker is well deserved, but it hardly tells the entire story of Richard Sherman, the man.The Stanford grad sat on his perch for 60 minutes Tuesday, and would have gladly sat for 60 more, answering questions about everything from his back-and-forth with Kraft to the kind of reality show he would most like to star in.He called for a phone-a-friend on one question about a reality show star. He danced a salsa with a woman from a Mexican television network, then asked a more serious reporter what his name was when he was finally asked a question that went to the heart of his game.Thank you Bob, Sherman said.At one point he got into a long debate with a New England area reporter who challenged him on his claim over the weekend that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is so tight with Kraft that he couldnt judge him fairly in the deflated balls dustup.Its difficult to have a discussion with someone who has no information, he told the woman. Did you do your research? I wish this had been a better debate, but its not. The levels arent there for us to properly debate this.And if that wasnt enough, the son of a Compton, California, garbage man had enough time since the conference final to pen a column for Sports Illustrated, where he talked about the impending birth of his son and the different world he will come into than the one his father did.Where I came from, in Compton, kids were brainwashed into thinking that if they werent athletes or rappers or drug dealers they were nothing, Sherman wrote. My son will understand that hes in control of his own destiny and that education, work ethic and discipline will guide him to an even better life than Ive enjoyed.And you thought Sherman just berated opponents on national television. This is a guy so multitalented that Kraft, the razor salesman, called him a very smart marketing whiz Tuesday even after Sherman questioned his relationship with Goodell.Hes an extraordinary guy, Seattle coach Pete Carroll said. Hes got a great mind. Hes bright, hes sharp. Hes got wit, hes got creativity to him which is really what his game is like as well. Its just the whole person that were talking about.Seattle fans hope that whole person is actually whole come Sunday, when he and the secondary that has dominated for the past two seasons take on Tom Brady and the Patriots. Sherman suffered a sprained elbow against the Green Bay Packers, but he said it is responding to treatment.One thing that isnt hurting is Shermans mouth. Hes not hesitant to take on any opponent, as he showed in 2012 when he went up against Brady who was yelling at the game officials about some calls.You mad, Bro? Sherman asked.The conversations usually last longer but, well, Sherman had some game left to play. Hes got an even bigger one Sunday, when the play of he and the Seahawks secondary will almost surely be the key in the Super Bowl.Someone suggested that perhaps the thought of facing the fearsome secondary was giving Brady nightmares.Ever ready with a quip, Sherman didnt disappoint.I didnt know I was in his dream-sphere, he said.____Tim Dahlberg is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at tdahlberg@ap.org or http://twitter.com/timdahlberg Wholesale China Jerseys . The judge sternly instructed the prosecutor to restrain himself and he apologized -- then went right back to trying to pick holes in the testimony of the double-amputee runner. It was a harsh day of cross-examination for Pistorius, challenged relentlessly about his account of the moments just before he killed Reeva Steenkamp, as well as circumstances related to several firearms charges against him, including the firing of a gun in a crowded restaurant. Cheap Black NFL Jerseys . Whenever United loses, its crisis. When other top teams slip up, its the quirky nature of the Premier League. The predictable reaction speaks to the sky-high expectations for a team proven perennial contender and 13 times Premier League champion. http://www.cheapnfljerseys.pro/ . Numbers Game looks into the Wild getting Matt Moulson from Buffalo. The Wild Get: LW Matt Moulson and LW Cody McCormick. Cheap Jerseys Shop . The (11-11-4) Jets are seventh in the Central Division with 26 points. Fifth place Dallas and sixth-seeded Nashville also have 26 points, but the Stars have three games in hand on Winnipeg while Nashville has two. Wholesale NFL Jerseys . - Mark Sanchez found out the New York Jets had acquired Tim Tebow on a conference call with team management.MONTREAL - "The Rock" summed it up best. "It feels like I havent left," said Tim Raines, the former long-time Expo, current Blue Jays roving instructor and should-be Hall-of-Famer, just moments after stepping onto the turf at Olympic Stadium. While Raines was referring to the memories that came flooding back, he may have meant it literally. Nothing much has changed about the Big O. Its the same ride to the Pie IX stop on the famous Montreal Metro. The walk from the station to the stadiums dimly lit concourse is no different. Then, you emerge through one of the section corridors into a time capsule. The yellow seats, so often empty in the Expos final years, serve as a reminder of days gone by when fans would rap them up and down to make a clanging sound. The scoreboard, which still sits above the centerfield batters eye, hasnt been updated. Its not high definition or LCD or anything else that resembles what fans enjoy in the stadia of today. The players are different. Well, for the most part, if you consider that Blue Jays utility infielder Maicer Izturis made his major league debut in a Montreal uniform on August 27, 2004. Everything else is the same. "I was joking if they wanted me to do any fan mail," said Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos, a Montreal native whose internship with the Expos, which included the responsibility of answering fan mail, launched his career in baseball. "I was getting ready to go." There was little chatter around the stadium of the 1994 players strike, which happened at a time when the Expos were 74-40, good enough for the National Leagues best record. The resurgent New York Yankees were the talk of the American League that year. What a contrast, those two organizations, in the two decades since. The Expos are gone, the proverbial stick of dynamite given to that 94 team by an uncommitted ownership, the 1995 club a shell of its former self. The Yankees have missed the playoffs only twice since. It took 10 years after the strike for the Expos, which experienced a kind of walking dead status once the likes of Larry Walker, Pedro Martinez, Moises Alou and others left town, to die off. The fans, descendants of the people who watched Jackie Robinson play in their city before he broke Major League Baseballls colour barrier in 1947, were subjected to annual speculation about their franchises relocation.dddddddddddd Finally it happened in 2005 with the city of Washington, D.C. receiving a third crack at getting baseball right (the Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers each descend from failed Washington Senators clubs.) "I think the issues were, and its no knock against the stadium, but the location of the stadium, the fact it wasnt a retractable roof," said Anthopoulos. "Growing up in this city, like you would in Toronto but its a lot colder here in the winter, the winters are long and any bit of summer you can get you want to be outdoors. Its a tough sell to go all the way to the east end and be indoors for a ballgame." This is a 48-hour period for the Blue Jays and Mets to work out the final kinks before the start of the regular season. Just as importantly, its a chance for Montrealers to experience what once was and to pay a posthumous tribute to their beloved Gary Carter, which they did on Friday night. On Saturday, its the 94 Expos turn to feel the love. Larry Walker, Moises Alou and future Hall-of-Famer Pedro Martinez will be among those on hand. One can only hope this weekend serves to exorcise the demon just a little bit. Luis Rivera, the Blue Jays third base coach who played his first three big league seasons with the Expos from 1986-88, doesnt forget. "The crowds, they were loud and there was a lot of whistling, which I do a lot," he said. "It was about sometimes 20-thousand, 30-thousand, 40-thousand. I remember when Pasqual Perez used to pitch it was a packed house." Tim Raines, The Rock, he remembers too. "Its a very good baseball town," said Raines. "My first 10 years here we averaged two million fans a year. They dont just leave. I think ownership back in the day, right at the tail end, played a big part of the lack of success that they had here." Warren Cromartie, the former Expos great, has said the exhibition weekend is the first step toward the return of Major League Baseball to Montreal. Maybe hes right and one day well be able to say, "Les Expos sont la!" Maybe hes wrong and this is nothing more than a pipe dream. For the moment, its just nice to be back at Olympic Stadium. ' ' '

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